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Ofinity Double Ring Clear

Ofinity Double Ring Clear

The Ofinity double erection ring gives men an (almost) eternal erection! Itsisolation design constricts blood flow for concentrated enhancement that lastsand lasts and accomodates almost any size member. This stretchy cock ring hasone purpose: to help keep his erections harder for longer while helping toprevent premature ejaculation. Simply stretch the top ring around the shaft andthe bottom ring around the testicles and postion them against the base of thebody-they will fit tight and snug in order to slow circulation and help himmaintain a stronger erection and last longer in the bedroom. This dual actionsex toy for men also helps increase sensitivity and promotes more intense andpowerful orgasms, resulting in better and more satisfying sex with no limits!And the best part? When you're done simply wash the Ofinity with soap and warmwater. Towel dry, and keep it close and ready for your next encounter.
Product Details:
  • Realistic: No
  • Size/Circumference: 0.000
  • Water-proof: Yes