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Vicky Vette - the Vicky  Quickie Double Ender

Vicky Vette - the Vicky Quickie Double Ender

With her huge tits and her famous bombshell body Vicky Vette is the hottest MILF on Earth. Take her ass and pussy with you wherever you go with the Vicky Quickie Double Ender masturbator. Molded directly from Vicky herself one side of this sexy UR3 stroker features a perfect replica of her tight pussy while the other side features her naughty little asshole. Plus the stroker boasts two unique internal textures for versatile fun. Go ahead and pick a hole'Vicky is begging for a quickie.
Product Details:
  • Realistic: No
  • Size/Circumference: 0.000
  • Lubricant Type: Water Based Lubrican
  • How To Clean Item: Wash with mild soap and water. Avoid harsh detergents alcohol or ammonia-based cleaners. To dry blot gently with a soft cloth.